The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go.

About Us

BeConnected Support Services is a multi-service organization offering a full spectrum of residential, community inclusion/school replacement, and contracted support options in Greater Victoria, Sooke, Sidney, Salt Spring Island, the Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo, the Comox Valley, and Campbell River. We provide individualized meaningful choices for the 170+ children, youth, adults and their families we currently serve.

Our VISION is to provide the supports you need for the life you want. For individuals, families, and the agency to Be Connected in the community.


  • We will listen to and support individuals to realize their hopes, dreams, and goals; and to lead their chosen lives.
  • We are committed to helping the community embrace and include all citizens.
  • We will empower access to and support learning, working, and playing for those we serve.
  • We will support individuals to be in control of their own resources, and to determine how they are directed.
  • We are committed to understanding and accepting diversabilities in people and families.
  • We are committed to supporting individuals who present with complex behavioural and social care needs.
  • We promote healthy lifestyles and wellness for individuals and personnel, and adapt to persons needs as they change.
  • We value self advocacy and will support and promote a vibrant self advocacy movement locally and provincially.
  • We are committed to creating social networks for enduring friendships for persons served.
  • We embrace technology in our business practices and in pursuit of enhancing accessibility for persons served.
  • We are committed to having a presence and positive impact in all of the communities in which we work.

Our services and supports are:

Quality: We place a high priority on, and commitment to, the provision of excellent services and supports to the individuals we serve and their families. We are equally committed to providing excellent support and training to staff and contractors working with the individuals we support.

Individualized: We focus on the gifts and abilities of the individuals we serve and their families. Programs and services are driven by a person-centred planning process, and in assisting individuals to meet their goals and move towards their dreams.

Community Based: We provide services that individuals want and need, to people with developmental disabilities, in the community where they live, work, and participate in leisure and recreational opportunities.

How can I receive services from BeConnected?

People are referred to our services by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) and the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).

For adults, one must meet CLBC’s eligibility criteria.  Once approved for level and type of CLBC-funded services, CLBC will ask you to consider three possible service providers.  Individual Preference is the way for you to have a say about which agency provides your service.  You can let your facilitator know that BeConnected is a service provider you would like to consider.


BeConnected Support Services Strategic Plan 2021—2023

The process to develop this strategic plan began in October, 2020, and involved a number of initiatives to draw on the collective knowledge and desires of BeConnected stakeholders:

  • A colourful pre-planning survey, called “Strategic Dreaming,” was sent to a broad range of stakeholders to request their input: persons served, families, employees, and contractors. Key themes were identified by BeConnected’s Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Input into BeConnected’s 2020 SWOT Analysis was sought from the same group of stakeholders.  SWOT exercises are designed to examine the organization and its’ programs Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (or “challenges”).  The essence of the analysis is to engage in a constructive critique of ourselves and with our stakeholders in the interest of becoming a better organization.
  • A one day strategic planning session was facilitated by BeConnected’s Director of Programs and Service Quality.

Participants in the planning process contributed their ideas for how BeConnected will grow and thrive as an organization in the future.  The key themes identified, and recommendations for BeConnected’s strategic directions over the next three years, are highlighted in this document.

Contact Kristen at Head Office for a copy of the full 2021-2023 Strategic Plan or view the Summary Report.