The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go.

Contracting Opportunities

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BeConnected contracts for a variety of residential and community inclusion arrangements including:

  • Home Sharing and Supported Independent Living
  • Community Inclusion (Employment, Skill Development, Community Based)
  • Support for Individuals and Families (Homemaker, Supports Coordination)

A Supports Contractor is an important role. Contractors support individuals who live with developmental disabilities to lead their chosen lives; and in doing so, get to know an individuals’ family and/or support network in the process. Contractors need to be adaptable, flexible, organized, and accepting. One needs to be a good problem-solver and communicator, who has a sense of humour and likes to learn new things.

A Contractors’ role is to provide services and supports to the person(s) supported in an accepting, inclusive, and safe environment. You are responsible for the safety, health, and well-being of the individual while he or she is in your care, and for making sure that he or she has opportunities to enhance social and recreational skills. You are also responsible for communicating with the individual and their family, if applicable, as well as BeConnected, on a regular basis.

When you enter into a contractual relationship with BeConnected, you are considered an independent contractor, not a BSS employee. Independent contractors are self-employed individuals; and the conditions of the relationship are as laid out in your CONTRACT.

Home Share Contractors in BeConnected’s Network of Home Living (NHL)

Home Share Providers are people who open their homes to provide residential care and supports to an individual with a developmental disability. They come from a variety of backgrounds and represent the cultural and ethnic diversity that makes Victoria a community. Home Share Providers are committed to the principles of community living and strive to promote an inclusive community for everyone. Depending on the needs and wishes of the individual, Home Share Providers will assist with relationship building, life skills, daily living skills, meal preparation, personal care, and community access. To learn more about Home Share, please review CLBC’s Introduction to Home Share. Information on becoming a Home Share Provider can also be found on their website.


For more information on eligibility requirements and the screening/matching process, or to apply to become a Home Share Provider, please visit our Become a Home Share Provider page.





For more information about Contracted Services, please contact our Coordinators of Contracted Services:

Christa Paquin – Coordinator, Contracted Services
(250) 727-3891 (206)

Victoria Hoyt – Coordinator, Contacted Services
(250) 727-3891 (205)

Jennifer Faithfull – Coordinator, Contracted Services  (Cowichan Valley)
(250) 748-3858

 Karla Landsiedel – Coordinator, Contracted Services (Cowichan Valley)
(250) 748-3858