The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go.

Resources for Contractors


BeConnected’s Resources

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CLBC’s Resources

CLBC’s Occurrence Based Report Forms

Occurrence based reports are submitted when the supported individual is absent for 30 days or is absent without an explanation for 3 consecutive attempts to provide the service. These reports allow CLBC and the service provider to work together to resolve potential issues. Occurrence based reports are due no later than 5 days after the event occurs.

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Supported Living

Community Inclusion


CLBC’s Standards for Home Sharing Course

Whether you are new to home sharing or a seasoned veteran, this course will help clarify your role as a home sharing provider. This course explains the standards, policies, and  expectations of  Community Living BC (CLBC) that supports and funds home sharing.

The course has five modules.  Each module explains the standards by exploring the following themes: Your Role, Well-being, Home, Belonging, and Accountability.

Features of the course include:

– Case studies and videos that portray home sharing situations
– Reflection questions
– Self-assessment activities
– A certificate on completion of the course

Each training module contains topics and other resources. If there are videos to watch, they will appear along with the module content. For each module, you can complete the end of module quiz.


CLBC’s Privacy and Information Management

CLBC’s new online privacy training is required for all contractors of agencies who provide services to CLBC-eligible individuals.


CLBC’s Handbook for Home Sharing Provider’s

Created by CLBC, this handbook includes information that will be of use to those who provide support directly on behalf of CLBC and those who contract with a service provider agency. The purpose of this handbook is to ensure that home sharing providers clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. It  reviews important standards and policies that have been endorsed by CLBC and also provides an overview of successful practices within the field. The resources included within this handbook promote the longevity of home sharing relationships


CLBC’s Standard’s for Home Sharing

The provincial guidelines for all home sharing providers adopted in April 2007.


Other Resources


Inclusion BC’s Video: This is the Story of a Civil Rights Movement

A short video about the history of the rights of people with disabilities in BC.