The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go. The support you need for the life you want. Ready. Support. Go.

Children & Youth

BeConnected Support Services offers community based programs and services that meet the growing needs of children and youth with developmental disabilities and their families. All children and youth services at BeConnected are accessed and funded through the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), there are no fees to the family. Children and Youth can receive services up until 19 years of age.


Residential Services 

Provides support for daily living to an individual or group of individuals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services are provided by a team of staff who rotate through the home according to an established schedule which includes overnight hours. Each home at BeConnected has a unique culture, developed and decorated to meet the needs and choices of the residents. The homes are also guided by a Living Culture Statement which comprises the attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values of the people who live there.


Family Respite

Provides relief for parents from the daily responsibilities and accompanying stress of caring for children or youth who have a developmental disability. The amount of respite received is determined by MCFD and varies among individuals. Whenever possible, we try to accommodate respite stays on the days and times requested by the family.

BeConnected’s goals for respite services are to:

  • Provide a program that families feel safe, secure and comfortable with so that they are able to enjoy their respite;
  • Provide a positive and safe environment for each individual to develop positive social skills and self-management behaviour;
  • Respect and accept all individuals as unique;
  • Recognize the importance of peer relationships and encourage age appropriate friendships;
  • Encourage physical activity and participation as a means of increasing self-confidence;
  • Work together with families and caregivers in a spirit of co-operation and recognize that families/caregivers know best what they need.


Outreach Services

Provides a variety of services and supports tailored to the unique needs of the child/youth and their family. Is goal-based and person centred in approach to supporting individuals and families. Days and hours of services vary and are based on the needs of the individual.


For more information on Beconnected’s services for children and youth, please contact our Director of Programs, Kristen Kay, at or 250-727-3891 (203).


Take a look at What's New

The Find Support BC Transition Orientation is an online orientation that supports youth and their families as they navigate transition-related planning for their youth with disabilities (ages 14—25). It includes a comprehensive check list, short descriptions of each step or item to consider, video clips with family members, helpful hints from individuals that have already gone through the process, photos and many embedded important links. Check it out at

The transition orientation is directly linked to the Find Support BC website ( which allows individuals to research the supports and services available in their specific region.